E-learning is now the new normal that we must embrace and ensure it works

The novel coronavirus took the world by surprise. Even the superpower nations were not ready for such a disaster. The economy of a country like the U.S. also took a hit. Everything from offices to schools had shut down. At the start, even the grocery shops, ration shops, and other essential item shops had to be closed. Slowly and gradually, through awareness and self-realization, everyone started taking precautions, and finally, the essentials items shops started functioning. The offices were also opened to keep up with the financial hit. In India, this reopening phase wasn’t that smooth and the daily number of cases started rising exponentially. Now, amongst such situations, the biggest question that stands in front of us is as to how to cope up with education loss? Many would suggest reopening the schools but deep inside everybody knows that it is foolishness. So, does this mean education has to come to a halt? The answer is no. For the past, so many years, modern technologies and online teaching were a bane for a lot of professionals, but these tough times have made them change their minds. Today everything that you can think of is already available on the internet or is present in some form of technology. These past few months have forced the teaching professionals, schools, coachings, and other administrators to explore this new world of online platforms. 

School Management Software

The journey had started with Zoom and google classrooms, and today more than ten technologies are being used for carrying out teaching everywhere. Technologies such as LMS(Learning Management System) and ERP(Enterprise Resource Planner) or we can say a School Management software, played a major role in easing out the burden on the school administration. Platforms such as Google meet, jio meet, etc. have helped them monitor the status of students and their daily activities. There is no doubt that physical schooling is important and can’t be replaced but looking at the tough times ahead we need to accept e-Learning as the new normal. Instead of criticizing its flaws and discarding it altogether, we must come forward to overcome the shortcomings and make it work. E-Learning has not only revolutionized the traditional ways but also helped us overcome the issues that haunted us in the beginning.

E-Learning at this point is not only ensuring that we continue learning but also ensures that we are prepared for the future and are starting to appreciate the usefulness of the modern technologies over criticizing its ill effects. Although, the market players have tried to optimize the Learning Management systems and the School Management Systems in the best way possible and make it easier to use. There are some shortcomings or difficulties that still are making it difficult for a few individuals to use them. If I talk about my college, we have professors in the age group of 45 – 60. When this lockdown was announced, our administration decided to move to online modes of teaching but our professors resisted. They resisted not because they did not want to teach online, rather they did not know how to teach online. And this is not the case with our professors but with a lot of educational professionals out there. Our college decided to train these professors for online platforms. It took them 2-3 months to get used to these technologies but today they are so comfortable with it that they want to continue this style of teaching in the future too. Things do not work on their own instead we have to make them work. Students need to help their teachers. The school administration has to find out ways to make this possible, as well as the market players, have to be supportive to make their courses accessible to all. SchooLLog believes education is one such field that should never stop and we are doing our bit in the best ways possible to make their School Management systems and Learning Management Systems as user friendly as possible.

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