How ERP Software Simplifies the Admission Process

To know how ERP has come up as the perfect tool for the admission process, we first need to know what difficulties were faced earlier when such technological advancements had not taken place.

How ERP Software Simplifies the Admission Process
How ERP Software Simplifies the Admission Process

Challenges Faced in the Manual Admission Process

Traditionally, the admission process used to take place manually. At that time with no internet, everything was done on pen and paper. It was quite difficult back then to arrange and manage data. Let’s see what challenges were faced by schools in earlier times with the admission process.

Time-Consuming Process

The major disadvantage of the manual admission process is that it is quite time-consuming. The filling of forms, the shortlisting of students, information provision, the payment procedure, all this took a lot of time. It proved to be hectic for the people on both sides.

High Chance of Errors

When the data was stored manually, it meant that it was a pen and paper job. This means that the data was totally dependent on the person processing it. If even a single mistake occurred, it meant that the error had to be first identified and then corrected or the whole process had to be initiated again. This proved to be bothersome for people and required a lot of time and effort.

Also, a problem that could arise was data duplication. If unknowingly any information was entered in the database twice, there was no method to identify it.

Physical Storage of Data

In old days, the data used to be recorded in papers and files. These were then kept in cupboards or drawers. Since only a limited amount of space was available for such storage, the management of heaps of records was a strenuous task.

Lack of Security

As mentioned above, the data was stored physically, which meant there was no backup available for the same. If any mishappening took place and the data was lost, recovering it was as close to impossible.

Also, the manual process is performed by humans and therefore the confidentiality of the data lies totally in their hands. The data security was subject to either the safety locks on the cupboards or the ethics of the person.

Long Queues

Who likes to stand in queues? Queues are known for long waits, and standing in an admission queue is a very hectic and lengthy process. In former times, parents and students had to wait in long lines to get even a single admission form. They too had no assurance that they would receive the form or not. If by the time someone reached the counter and the forms were finished, they had no option but to return back.

This was a major setback. Good students didn’t get a chance to be placed in valued institutions and vice-versa.

Limited Access to Reports and Data

Constructing reports helps in analyzing the data in a proper manner and assists in deriving the conclusion. Administrators had a lot of paperwork and data to be arranged and managed. For them taking out time for preparing reports was a wearing task. The load of the tasks in itself was complex that the other tasks could not be regulated.

This also could be said to lead to inefficiency among staff and less productivity.

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