How our School Management ERP can help you in the enrollment process.

Admissions are the most crucial and stressful times for the School Authorities and parents. It requires a high level of mind presence to gather and store correct and important data. From getting an enquiry for the admission, till the enrolment process, there is so much work involved. With the help of our admission enquiry module, maintaining and updating the records become much easier and organized.

The enrolment process requires a lot of paperwork. A dedicated file has to be maintained for each class and section. As the paperwork is done manually, there is a huge scope for errors. With the help of our School Management ERP, all the data can be kept in digital files safely and errors can be avoided. We promise that this transformation from manual paperwork to digital medium will be worthwhile your journey.

The process starts with the completion of an online form which is then submitted at our portal. The software will then generate a registration number for each student and all the records will be made under this registration number. For each registration, certain documents can be made compulsory or optional by the administrator. The parents can send those documents online too. This saves time for the parents as well as the administrators.

The implementation of our unique ERP solution will significantly reduce the assistance of authorities from school and it will help the parents to gain the relevant information instantly.

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