Top Functions of an Education ERP Software

Technology can alter our lives, not to complicate it. However, a lack of knowledge of technology can change a complicated and chaotic technique. We are constantly exposed to technology at home and at work and so on. Whatever size or small your task is technology is a component of it.

Mobile technology has become an aspect of our lives. If you aren’t aware of the importance of your mobile but do you think you’ll be capable of using its full capacity of it? No.

You consider every aspect when choosing the right gadget, whether it’s a laptop, mobile or another. As with other technological devices there are a few that are specifically designed for our institutions of higher learning. In order to make life easier for students as well as teachers and other members of the administrative staff. What do you think about the selection of a student management system?

A school or institution of higher learning that is shaping the future of the nation, generating jobs, and so on. The question is about what the future holds for your institution It could be a school, a college or a university. If you’re not aware of the solution that’s available to your institution, how can you make use of it to the fullest extent? After conducting an analysis on a variety of online and offline platforms I realized that a lot of people are curious about the Education ERP or Student Management System. But they’re not very in tune with the functions of it.

An education ERP is loaded with a variety of functions. Due to the constant advancement in technology, it is evolving as time passes. There are various names for various degrees of schooling. If you look online, you’ll discover a number of educational management systems.

They are referred to by various names like school management software, student ERP school management software, Institute management applications, schools apps as well as others. Being a smart and informed decision-maker, you need to know the basic features of this software prior to installing it in your institution. Education ERP software includes modules that handle various departments within your business. For instance, Schoollog School Management System has 30 plus modules that handle the complete student life-cycle starting from the time of admission until course completion.

Schoollog ERP Management Software


Here are the most important functions of ERP for Education

Facilitate admissions processes

The admission process involves form sale, inquiry and submission of forms and application forms, submission of documents and a host of other things. Higher education has an additional layer of the diverse selection process for admission to colleges, making it more complicated. With the aid of the education ERP system, you are able to combine all of the above processes into one system. This makes the work easier and simple.


Manage Courses and Programs

Higher education institutions offer a variety of courses and programs to attract many students. Maintaining manual records of all these courses can be an overwhelming job. A management system for institutes ERP system is able to make and manage the various programs used within your institution. It also allows students to be enrolled or not according to their needs.


Streamline examination

The student administration system is set with all the options you need for managing exam processes within your institution. It will manage the exams both before and after, like setting up an examination centre, room or staff allocations, as well as assessment schedule configuration and examination execution, exam outcomes and their distribution. It also lets you control the kind of marking you would like to apply. This can also be the system of relative grading to enhance the overall performance of your institution.


Transportation, control hostels and inventory

At present, nearly every school has a hostel or transportation facility. If you install an application for managing students in your institution, you will be able to monitor every detail with hostels, transportation and inventory. Additionally, you can add the physical appearance of your hostel such as the number. of rooms, floor, bed, etc. of the hostel’s management system. The module for transportation lets you monitor the locations of buses, as well as provide complete information on the driver, vehicle and many other features.


Enhance the learning experience of students, teachers and employees by providing them with an enriching

Through automation employees, students and teachers can save time off from academic tasks. This allows them to concentrate their time, energy, and imagination on their respective areas. Students are more focused at school, and teachers are more innovative in their methods of teaching. As a result, the overall efficiency of the institution increases.


Integrate institute’s finances

You’ll be pleased to know that a school management system can control the finances of your school in addition. It can manage fees and bill payments employees payrolls, student scholarships and sponsorship using one ERP. This allows you to view all financial records with a single click. It is possible to create all kinds of reports relating to bills, receipts as well as outstanding payments, accounts settlements, etc.


For your school, take a look at the school management brochure Schoollog and go digital instead of paper.


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