Traditional Vs. Modern School Management

Traditional School Management


In the past school management was totally done manually, be it a recording of data, marking the attendance of teachers and students, provision of information to different parties, everything was carried out and stored in multiple files and folders in a paper format. Previously doing things was a tedious and time-consuming job, there was no data security as files were prone to damage due to various natural or man-made phenomena. 


Modern School Management

The present times have totally changed the outlook of the way the schools were managed, with the introduction of online platforms, ERP, and LMS software, things have become easier. Now you can manage your school at your fingertips, there’s less paperwork as everything is done in a digital manner. 

This method of management is quite simpler, less expensive, has better data storage space and capacity, is less time consuming, and is environment friendly.


Traditional vs Moden Management Software

How Schoollog ERP Software helps the Directors

Schoollog ERP Software gives you an advantage over managing your school on your own accord. Schoollog provides a Director’s App for the convenience of work, below are some benefits for the same:


  1. Managing Accounts

This section would give you a detailed idea of all the transactions made by your school, you can obtain any information be it your school’s income or expenses made on a daily basis and the past transaction related to it.

Here you can gather details regarding collections made on a particular day which will help you in generating receipts for the same. You can know about the concession requests made by the parents which can either be accepted or rejected, there’s also an option of checking your own cash and bank balances present in the accounts section. This can give an overall image of where the company’s finances are being used and where can you utilize them.


  1. Attendance Management

This function provides an overall outlook of the attendance of students, staff, etc. 

With the help of the app, you can get information regarding which staff member or student is on leave, which staff’s request for a leave is pending, and on the basis of your requirement you can either grant or discard the application.

You can also check and mark the attendance of any of the teaching, administrative and hostel staff. The app can also help you in knowing the attendance which is pending or yet to be taken and the total number of students absent and present in the school.


  1. SMS and Notifications

The Directors app has a feature that gives you the right to send any SMS or notification to students or staff individually or share messages altogether in one go. If you want to send messages to particular departments, classes, or sections, that is also an option available. After deciding on which group to send a message or notification to, you can decide on which app to share the message to – student or parent.


  1. Fee Management

Directors can get themselves acquainted with the fee defaulters, they can get details about which student has not paid fees of which quarter in a summarized form or either in an individual format. In a similar manner, they can fetch details of transport fee and date-wise fee deposition and defaulters for the same.


  1. Others

The other features include inquiry management where you can have the details regarding any inquiry being generated for the purpose of admission or other procedures. You can also keep yourself updated with the lectures and homework being assigned in a particular class, the exams or class tests being conducted, and the result analysis for the same. 

The Directors can even add or delete any photo or album from the school gallery.


Thus Schoollog ERP gives you the overall report of the working of the school, keeps you updated about various activities going around assists you to take charge whenever required. 


To conclude it can be said that school management as compared with past times has become much more effective and efficient. It has increased productivity, accessibility, and Parent-Teacher-Student collaboration, and has reduced the cost of communication and workload, plus it is environment friendly!



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