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Understanding today’s challenges that schools are dealing with and are trying to bring academics at the forefront, we have to admit that simply by increasing manpower we can’t match the productivity to the extent which technology could provide. Technology has transformed almost all the areas of working including the education sector.

Now the question is that, How are schools planning to make the children technically adequate when they themselves are stuck with the same old traditional methods for their school’s management processes.

To make students future ready, the schools need to cope with the advancing technologies, we ask, what is better than automating your school with best of ERPs available in the market?

Now if talk about the business aspect of schools, even if we have well organized, administered management and educated parents with active involvement, there is a lot more that schools are required to do in order to stay ahead of the competition which is to regularly introduce something new or unique. It could be some methodology, idea or maybe with so much new to offer, technology, why not?

Assessment of the needs of a school

Let’s first have a sincere evaluation of a school’s needs at the very fundamental level and for every department involved in different day to day duties performed and how an ERP can help.

The major objective of a school is to provide the right education and enlighten different paths to choose from for students as their future but to conduct this as a process, it involves a lot of repetitive and monotonous daily chores which are time-consuming and requires a lot of manpower if done manually.

Daily, people working in school exhaust themselves with processes like admissions, attendance, homework, fee collection, salary distribution, expense management, etc and it’s very obvious for any organization to run into hitches which are needed to be addressed and worked upon.

Here ERP comes into the picture. An ERP solution can do nearly all the process and functions of a school more efficiently and that too in no time with absolute accuracy.

Naturally, school staff has become rigid in their methodology. Through ages, they are using traditional methods to manage school and work and change seems to be a terrifying word for most of them that they simply discard the idea.

To implement ERP successfully it is of most important need to understand that it won’t increase work and there is no rocket science to it.

What benefits an ERP brings in school management:


ERP solution can buy you the most priceless thing called “time” also reducing human errors to a very large extent and can bring a great shift in the way a school and its departments work.

Staff will be free from all the tedious and repetitive works. This will allow the staff to invest more time on academics and they will have some idle time to think of innovative ideas for the complete development of a child.

A good team is expensive and it takes a lot to hire people so when these routine tasks get shifted to a machine which was earlier performed by a human not only a school will save time but also a lot of money.


Resources like E-books, assignments, attendance sheets, attendance report, notices, etc are available online and are easily accessible.

Students, parents, and teachers can access them anywhere at any time and ERP software is very easy to install and use.


Following monotonous work pattern can make a person lose interest in job and school staff is no different. Frustrated staff will only bring unsatisfying results to the school.

On the other hand, with an ERP doing most of the nominal tasks will give the space to staff to bring in more creativity and productivity into their performance.


With the help of Mobile apps, ERP systems keep parents updated on their child’s progress.

Parents get notified instantly regarding assignments, event updates, and fee status from teachers directly which leaves no room for a lack in communication and helps in building stronger parent-teacher and the parent-child relationship.


Managing school accounts is a responsible and tedious job. One can not afford to make mistakes. If done manually mistakes are bound to happen.

So to avoid irregularities in accounts, ERP automation is a good option. The whole process can be made transparent and automated making your school’s accounts error-free and accurate.

With all the above-mentioned points we can come to this conclusion that ERP solutions are a must for schools in this era of technology. A good ERP solution, one like Schoollog, can provide complete automation to your school and can enhance performance and productivity, making it an ultimate solution to all the management problems.

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