Importance of Mental Health

Importance of Mental Health
Importance of Mental Health School ERP

Recently Mental health has been the most discussed topic around the globe. Why? Why is it given so much importance? What has it in store for us? Let’s learn about what mental health is and why is it so important in today’s era/world/time?


What is Mental Health?


According to WHO “Mental health is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.”


Mental Health defines our psychological, emotional, and social well-being. It is how we think, act or behave in an environmental setting. Good mental health helps us in handling stress, keeps our emotions in check, and helps us in empathizing with others.

We all know what being healthy means. it is keeping ourselves and our bodies fit and in good shape. But why do we exclude or forget the fact that mental health is also a part of keeping ourselves healthy? 


Importance of good mental health


  1. Helps in coping with stress

Mental health plays an important role in either relieving stress or boosting it. If your mental health is in a good shape it will definitely help you in coping with stress. In our daily life, we face a lot of challenges that can be stressful and overwhelming. If you are able to keep yourselves mentally fit, you’ll be able to cope with stress. The same goes the other way around. If you are able to keep your stress levels under control, you’ll be able to improve your mental health.


  1. Avoids suicidal thoughts / mental health awareness helps in curbing suicide rates

Too much mental pressure or long-term stress can increase the risk of depression. When people are in such a state they tend to develop suicidal thoughts. Even if they are not wanting to do any such kind of act, such thoughts develop automatically. It goes beyond their reach to control their minds and thoughts like these take a place in their minds. Therefore it is said that mental health should be taken care of. If you are mentally stable and in your right mind, you won’t be going to such lengths.  


  1. Affects people around you

Try and think about it, when you are not in a good mood or a bad incident occurs, what happens? You don’t like to talk to others, easily get worked up, and get angry with people. After a while when time passes and you sit alone and look back, you realize you did wrong. The same goes when you are not mentally fit or stable. When you fight with your dear ones, it’s not just you who is affected. The people around you also suffer and this can strain your relationships with them. 


  1. Affects happiness

Studies have shown that mental health and happiness are highly correlated. They are linked with each other in the most possible ways. When your mind is kept well and stable, you become happy. You do your work properly, with proper attention, and zeal. A healthy mind is a key to happiness and success. When you perceive and feel that you are happy, you tend to move forward in that direction. Keeping your mind healthy and happy will automatically keep your body and soul happy. 


  1. Helps you remain optimistic

A balanced state of mind, and thought process leads you towards reaching your goals. It makes you feel happy to know that your plans are following the right path. You are aware of what to do next, which step to take to make you go, and feel positive about the whole ordeal.  This process of staying optimistic throughout is the result of a healthy mind.  


  1. Avoids you switching to bad habits

When you are under stress or overthinking or are facing tough times, you involuntarily take certain steps which are going to be harmful to you in the future. You might switch to alcohol for easing your worries. A higher amount of alcohol consumption can lead to severe health issues and in some cases can even be harmful to life. This entire process can be eliminated just by keeping in check your mental health and habits.        


  1. Can affect productivity

Productivity is something that comes with a lot of devotion, hard work, and concentration. 

Mental health is a vital component affecting productivity levels. A healthy state of mind keeps you refreshed and energized throughout your day. But on the other end, if mental health is not taken seriously, it impacts your productivity. When your mental health is not balanced, you are bound to lose focus and are not able to give time to your work. Due to this, your productivity gets hampered and this proves to be a hindrance to achieving your goals. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to look out for your mental health.    


  1. Helps you recover faster

When you are ill and not feeling well, you tend to feel low and surround yourself with negative thoughts. In such situations, good mental health comes as a saviour. Keeping yourself positive helps you deal with your sickness faster. Half of the battle has been won when you think that you are healthy and all well.   


  1. Affects physical health

Mental health plays a key role in maintaining physical health. It might have happened to you a few times when you didn’t feel like going out and exercising. Or because of too much going on in your head, you are not able to eat, sleep or work properly. Due to this, you are not able to focus on yourself and your health deteriorates. 

Therefore, if your mental state is stable, you won’t be facing such problems and you physically stay fit.


  1. Enhances / Boost / Improves our confidence, morale

When you are mentally fit, you are able to focus on various aspects of work and life. You are able to complete your work on time and give equal time to family and friends. This gives you confidence and boosts your morale. You are motivated to continue the same way in the future because this way life goes easy and smooth. 


What can you do to improve your mental health?


  • You can also use apps like Paavan which can help you with mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Start Meditating, it will help you a lot in focusing on your chores, your work and would help you have a stress-free day.
  • Take out time for yourself and your hobbies. If you like reading books, do that. If your interest lies in music and dance, listen to music and groove along with it.
  • Exercise daily, even if it’s for 15 minutes. Exercising helps you in releasing stress-relieving hormones in your body which improves your overall physical and mental health.
  • While exercising also keep in mind to eat healthily. Eat food that is nutritious to keep your mind and body in balance.
  • Keep your stress levels under control.
  • Socialize – stay in touch with your friends, family, and colleagues. Try connecting with new people and learning about them, their culture, how they handle stress, etc.


This will not only help you in dealing with your mental health but will also help in connecting with new people, knowing about different cultures, opinions, and much more. You’ll become more confident, and sociable, and get to learn the know-how of things.

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