How Online Education aids Distance learning

Ever since educational institutions added distance learning as an alternative option of learning in their inventory, students and learners recognized it as an awesome opportunity for learning. Many students are not able to leave their family alone or had any other issue due to which they were not able to complete their education. But from... Continue Reading →

Online Learning: A 21st Century Approach to Education

Back in the days, online education was considered as the secondary option to grant education. Also at that time, it was not for everyone, since learners who can afford good internet and high-end devices, were only those who were enjoying the benefits of learning online. But nowadays, as per the current scenario, online learning is... Continue Reading →

How Online Education Aids Professional Development

Back in the days, there was a time when online learning remained an alternative option for the students who couldn’t traditionally attend classes. Today, online learning seems to be the most viable option for learners to continue their learning.  Today, a Giant high-speed internet web has been cast over the globe. This high-speed internet has... Continue Reading →

The Global Race for Online Learning

Today online education has established itself as a global phenomenon. The World Wide Web, which affords so many educational applications friendly to users, and has lived up to its name by reaching nearly every single country through the internet infrastructure. Nowadays, intranets and other systems of digital devices such as media for formal education and... Continue Reading →

Gender Consideration in Online Learning

Today, as learning and technology intersect each other in institutions worldwide, implications about the ways of engagement, how women and men are going to engage in online education have emerged as a matter of concern. The development of online education requires researchers with a higher understanding to consider how their students are going to engage... Continue Reading →

How Online Education Bridges Learning Gaps

Nowadays, we are facing an economic recession and there is unemployment everywhere. Every educational institute has been closed due to this pandemic. Further, it led to a major disruption in the education system around the world. According to The Print, almost 320 million students were affected due to this pandemic in India. Today, it is... Continue Reading →

Online Education vs Traditional Education: The Pros and Cons

Today we are living in a world where choosing which type of education we should follow next can be a difficult process. In recent times, our education system has seen many changes, changes that no one even imagined before. If we talk about today, no one can think about choosing the traditional education system, Because... Continue Reading →

How Online Learning Can Reduce the Cost of Higher Education

In the past, much of the education research was based on inspecting the classrooms as a context for learning and explaining the learning methodologies occurring in the classroom that helps students. Nowadays we can see several ongoing research processes to study the factors which affect the learning capability of the students and factors which play... Continue Reading →

Profitable Uses of Online Education in Government Departments

Today in the middle of the era of innovation, online learning is ready to establish itself in a prominent place in the government departments. As per the current situation, which only served as an activator in this process. Now if we compare our country with the whole world, India stands in the 128th position with... Continue Reading →

Online Education and its Role in Corporate Learning

Today, we are living in an era of innovation where online learning has already established itself as in a prominent position of corporate life. Now every business is focusing on implementing different types of methods to recruit a very high-quality, productive, and motivated team. Here we will discuss how it works and how efficient it... Continue Reading →

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