Future of e-learning in India

The future of education in schools depends on the online sector or we can say e-learning. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in India, the education system has been on the back foot ever since. Education in India is no longer just a teacher talking to a group of students in a walled classroom.... Continue Reading →

Discussing the Emerging Trends in E-Learning

Today, we are living in Information and Communication Technology where online learning is playing a vital role in the development of an individual. Also, the concepts of School Management software and learning management systems seem to be new stars in the field. Education will always be a matter of concern for our country, as at... Continue Reading →

How Ivy League Colleges are taking immense benefit from online education

When we talk about today’s world, distance education and online learning seem to appear very familiar. However, there are still billions of students from more than 100 countries for whom these terms appear to be very extraordinary. Term Ivy League(Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania,... Continue Reading →

Online Education as a Catalyst for Reforming Higher Education

In the past, much of the education research was focused on inspecting the classrooms as a context for learning and explaining the learning processes occurring in the classroom that helps students. Today we have seen several ongoing research processes to study the factors affecting and enhancing the learning capability of the students. Despite this progress, the Online... Continue Reading →

Adaptive learning can transform the online education system.

Adaptive learning is also known as Adaptive teaching wherein computer programs and algorithms are used to transform learning into interactive learning by supplying customized resources to fulfill the diverse needs of each learner.  Swami Vivekanand has rightly said, "Each soul is potentially divine." The Omnipresent has blessed each child with a different set of virtues,... Continue Reading →

Schools : Then v/s Now

Have you ever asked a parent as to why they put their child in an XYZ school or have you ever asked a student as to why they feel that their school is good? I guess every one of us at some point in time has asked these questions or have been asked such questions.... Continue Reading →

Decoding Top challenges and Solutions for School Staff who are Working Remotely

The Covid-19 Pandemic has forced almost all organizations to work remotely all over the world. And for us, it sounds really interesting working from home but it is challenging and confusing for those who are into this for the first time. Not only the private companies but the educational institutes have started working from home.... Continue Reading →

Are the Indian Schools ready for the peak of the pandemic? – School management and learning management systems might be the solution!!

Indian schools have been closed down for about 6 months now and still there are no clear guidelines about their reopening. In these tough situations the only ray if hope is online learning and learning management system. Speculations are that the schools might open in august but considering the ever-rising COVID cases since “Unlock 1.0”,... Continue Reading →

How to keep the student engaged in a virtual classroom? “Sometimes You Win, and Sometimes You Learn.”

 In a country with glorified values and literature that has existed since decades has now been used to a new concept of online learning that is virtual but has a great impact on the minds of children. The schools have nurtured themselves from gurukul to educational institutes and now aiding these educational institutions through the... Continue Reading →

Are exams important than knowledge in today’s schooling?

In medieval times, India was known for the immense knowledge that its people had. The children were taught religious texts, spiritual lessons, and scriptures that formed their morals, mindset, and became the foundations of their lives. With the changing times, schooling, teaching, and the lessons changed. We began to follow westernization. We started to neglect... Continue Reading →

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