12 ways to Enhance Students/Parents Experience Through School ERP

– Innovation has changed the way that schools communicate with parents. While a couple of years ago the school diary was the only way for teachers to update parents about school activities. Be that as it may, today the online school management solutions have made a variety of tools to empower teachers to cooperate with parents and create a beneficial learning environment.

1. Scheduling PTA Meetings: Utilizing the school ERP software, you can alert parents about the upcoming parent-teacher meeting dates so parents can keep these dates for school. Any changes in the time or date of the meetings can be sent immediately to the guardians on their parent application. Along these lines staying away from any miscommunication.

2. Access to Progress Report: Parents, today jump at the chance to stay updated about their child’s school performance. Rather than sitting tight for the yearly report card day, an education ERP software can enable guardians to get real-time access to the child’s in-class performance.

3. Updated Attendance Report: Utilizing the school management software, parents can stay updated on their child’s attendance report. The education ERP software can send automated text messages and emails with the goal that parents can be promptly alarmed if their child were to miss a day of school.

4. Important Notifications: Rather than depending on the age of the system of communication through a paper, the school ERP software can send messages to the parents about all essential school updates.

5. Live Bus Tracking: We live in uncertain circumstances and numerous parents need to always stay updated on the whereabouts of their child including the times they travel to school or travel for school trips. An online school ERP system shares a detailed route map with parents and alerts them when the child boards and gets off the bus. It also sends cautions to guardians when the vehicle is speeding or meets with an accident.

6. Parents feel connected to the school if This constant communication with the parents is also beneficial to the school and the teaching staff:

When the parents know what is happening in the school through the online school ERP system, they feel more connected to the school. 


SMS integration school ERP module can be used by all stakeholders who need to communicate with an audience on their mobile devices – but still being reliant on phone networks. 


The discussion module can be used by teachers and students to interact and create some back and forth by posting comments in it. Members of a discussion group created in the discussion module have access to post and comment on other posts to create a discussion that mimics the one they would have in a classroom. 


Enabling private communication between stakeholders is a key thing every robust school ERP system must be able to do, through the use of school ERP modules. An inbuilt messaging system in the school ERP module is a must.

10. Learn From Your Favourite Subject Teacher

School ERP software helps hold and manage data related to everyone who is a part of the school, i.e., teachers, students, and the administrative staff.

11. Know All About It

Learning doesn’t mean knowing only about what is there in the textbook. Students need to stay updated on circulars, tests, homework, exams schedule, etc. Any extracurricular event coming up or cultural activity taking place should be on their radar too.

12. Cloud-based technologies

Cloud-based school management software has become the need of the hour. It is a blessing for educators.

If the school needs to update the existing system or face any technical issues, it can be resolved easily with closed-based software.

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