How to keep the student engaged in a virtual classroom? “Sometimes You Win, and Sometimes You Learn.”

 In a country with glorified values and literature that has existed since decades has now been used to a new concept of online learning that is virtual but has a great impact on the minds of children. The schools have nurtured themselves from gurukul to educational institutes and now aiding these educational institutions through the school management softwares and School ERP providers  

Today the world facing corona bought a new brilliant concept of learning management software that is held with many interesting and attractive activities. The concept talks about the development of the brain practically far away from theory or books. This ideally brings new attraction and scholars to each firm where the curiosity is the king that rules. 

There are many ways to make a school management software interesting for students which may include: 

• Attention to detail: each student has a story of his own which he is much influenced by, so the teacher as a backbone should involve the practicality of life with examples that would interest the children. 

• Keep it interactive: every teacher on toe should keep the session interactive so that the environment should not be boring. 

• It can involve various ppts or videos with different forms like narrative video, musical with text, drama, cartoon creatures, etc. 

• Virtual tests: an MCQ or open-book test could be conducted which may help as a review of the child and will also keep the children more involved and interested. 

• You can decide the curriculum by not making it too hectic and keeping it feasible with the help of school management softwares. 

• Please change your tone when teaching: The last thing you want to have is to have students bored with your voice, and it is not hard to mute the tab and go and play video games. 

• Try to implement many interactions with students: My biology teacher (a great teacher) is one of the funniest teachers that we have in school, which is not really strange for him to have every single student of our class to listen carefully to him (only half of the class would be present in other classes). One of the causes for this (personally) is because he gives a lot of attention to online quizzes, which most students like.

• PPT with better design: Although the word design is not used appropriately here, I really like teachers who present to us nice-looking PowerPoints, instead of the ones which just have a bunch of text on a white background. Even if it is some copy and paste from the internet, please put some effort into making the PPT better. 

This is where learning management systems come into picture as these systems help us to transform our learning into interactive learning. 

Online education helps to solve the problem of time. In addition, distance learning is cheaper and for some people is the best way of perception of the new information. Making a search on the Internet, there can be found a lot of websites that offer to study online, it involves applications like google hangouts meet, WebEx, zoom, etc. This has made education, completion of syllabus, examinations easier than was expected in such a situation of Covid-19, with the help of an online learning management system and school management software, schools now feel confident in providing the education online and are ready to use a more blended approach when it comes to students safety . This pandemic brought a new theory to institutions of school management system and school management software that might lead a path to the easier and successful minds of individuals. 

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