Busting the Myths Associated with Online Education.

Today, Online Education seems to be the only source of education and every learner is quite satisfied with it. However, there are still some myths about online education, which if observed closely are nothing but a mere false belief. However, today when we envision going to school, we picture the traditional classroom environment with a blackboard, desks, school bags, and notebooks. That’s how a classroom existed for decades, and it will not be easy to picture education in another way. We all know everything worthwhile takes time and hence we all should adapt to change.

Below we discuss some commonly held misconceptions about online learning and how a careful observation will leave you thinking differently.

Myth #1: You have to teach yourself 

Just because our teacher is not present in front of us physically, doesn’t mean they are not there to guide us along the way. An online education instructor is responsible for engaging their students and teaching. Also, students are still able to raise queries and get their doubts resolved. Thus, like traditional classrooms, it is up to students to ask questions if they have any doubts.

Myth #2: You’ll have no interaction with classmates

Online learning is the platform that provides you the whole world as your classmate. Students can use technology to speak to friends across the globe. To make learning sessions interactive, some instructors ensure that each student is required to post on the course forum periodically and have regular meetings with professors. Also, online discussions can give a lot more insight into people. 

Myth #3: Professors are faceless

In online learning, a student has various ways to approach his instructor. Depending on the instructor, some might be approachable after the class, while some provide their direct contact information such as emails, etc. Students should take full advantages of every opportunity to connect via 

social media.

Myth #4: You can’t build a network

One of the best advantages of online education is the people we meet and the connections they can bring to us. As many successful people suggest, “Network is more important than product knowledge.” Further, many students rely on college network jobs to land jobs and know about opportunities. Also, any good online program will have advisors and administrators who can offer career advice and connections which are worth more than an ordinary traditional education. 

Myth #5: Online Courses are easy as compared to on-campus courses

In online learning, students have to pay lower fees than traditional learning. Hence, this gives birth to a false belief that online learning is nearly worthless. However, each time a student gets enrolled in an online accreditation program, he becomes well aware of all the facts and overcomes his false belief. Every online course consists of recorded videos, mini-lectures, assignments, quizzes, and tests with 24*7 guidance. Further, we can all agree on one thing, if the learner is not a self-motivated person the online program will become challenging. 

Myth #6: Employers don’t value online degrees

Being highlighted as one of the major concerns or myths about online education, employers might not consider your online degrees. Today, when we talk about online learning, it is not a new concept. Further, almost every employer is well aware of online education. Also, it was a very long time ago when employers value marks and degrees, but today talent and smart work are considered when it comes to interviewing for a job. It is simple, if you have learned something, show it. 

Now you have much better exposure to online learning. Hence, it was always about how to treat online education. If any learner respects his online course and shows good self-discipline towards it then he can acquire much more than an ordinary traditional education. Flexibility is a huge advantage of online learning that can serve him. 

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