COVID scare: Don’t let education suffer, roll out digital solutions

It’s been a lot of months since the COVID pandemic first hit the human race. It did not spread across just one or two countries but almost every country present out there. Even the superpower nations have not been able to find a cure yet and that is the alarming factor that has increased the concerns for all governments, employment sectors, individuals, and every other functioning body. Many predictions had been made related to the things getting back to normal but those predictions have turned out to be false. There were updated guidelines related to everything.

The government regularly kept out rolling out expected dates for reopening of malls, schools, offices and even kept on changing the dates for left-over exams for school and college students. After waiting for a long time and seeing no improvement in the conditions, the CBSE and the ICSE boards have finally decided to cancel the remaining exams for class X and class XII (More info available at https://www.livemint.com/education/news/pending-class-10-and-12-exams-cancelled-cbse-tell-sc-11593074920114.html). This is probably a great decision for the safety of students as well as for their further studies. Now the thing that needs to be analyzed here is that the situation might not get better even for the next few months in the best-case scenario and no ideas for how long in the worst-case scenario. It is now on the government to decide a future effective course of action to ensure the continuity in the functioning of its parts.

COVID scare: Don’t let education suffer, roll out digital solutions

Even when the corporate life and the government offices have re-started their operations, the education sector still has the clouds of uncertainty roaming over it. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that out of all fields the schools and the education imparting is and will be the toughest task at hand right now. Countries like the U.S. have announced semester fall already and have implemented with full force the online learning scheme. They have started conducting classes and examinations online. It would be right to say that they are advanced technological nations and hence it was easy for them to say but does it put off the burden of shifting to an online system in schools in India? The answer is an absolute no.

The priority for us also remains the education of our children. Even though great progress is made in terms of ensuring that our children do not fall short of resources in terms of online learning, there remains a gap in accepting such technologies or systems. The reason behind this is that either they are too costly or they take away the responsibility of grooming the child from school and do it their way. This is something that not only brings in the discrepancies in the level of learning of every individual but also is not even accessible to most of the children in our country. It’s high time that the government comes up with some solution or the schools on their level start collaborating with edTech companies that cater to their needs at reasonable rates. The least common agreeing point at this stage is that we need a digital solution for reopening as of now seems to be next to impossible. So are there any such software or people out there who can make it possible? The answer is yes.

Many EdTech companies have started working with Learning management software and come out with solutions that are far more reasonable and better than the applications that are charging more than 15,000 from every student just for a few things.

SchoolLog is one of the market players that has established its name in the field of Learning management software and has already made things easy for thousands of schools pan India. Companies like SchoolLog have been working on LMS and ERP for quite a long time and have come out with the best results and products. These companies can play the helping hand for every school and ensure that nobody lags in terms of their syllabus, term, or quality of studies. The times are getting tougher and it has become really important to find an alternative as soon as possible.

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