Decoding Top challenges and Solutions for School Staff who are Working Remotely

The Covid-19 Pandemic has forced almost all organizations to work remotely all over the world. And for us, it sounds really interesting working from home but it is challenging and confusing for those who are into this for the first time.

Not only the private companies but the educational institutes have started working from home. The staff of the school including the teachers, admins, and other staff members are managing all their duties from home and also face some of the other challenges. So, here we got you some of the top challenges faced by the school staff who are working remotely and as it is said every problem has a solution, we also provide a solution to overcome it.

Problem 1- Communication Issue with the Team Meetings and Collaborations For the staff member from teachers to the administrative team to work efficiently, it is crucial to be updated and get in touch with each other on all the issues. But when working from home some of the staff members can’t communicate with their team because of the communication differences.


The solution to this is having a school management software to help the staff members to be connected with others and get updated about the various tasks. The school can also create an application which includes chat options, discussion boards for effortless communication.

Problem 2- Unexcited Staff Members This is one of the major challenges faced by employees working remotely. And this is all because we think of our home as the place where we rest and relax. So, working from home is a challenging task for the staff members to focus on their work.


So, the solution to this is to create a daily routine for how to work from home. You can dress up for your work alternate days instead of working in your comfy outfits. One more solution to overcome this situation is arranging your workspace at your home to keep yourself motivated to end up with your tasks.

Problem 3- Track the Tasks to Maintain Productivity When the staff members work remotely, low productivity is noticed and is a major challenge to overcome. Some of the team members work wisely but some are there who do not use their time wisely and are not able to complete their tasks on time.


So, to manage the productivity of your staff members, the school authority can ask the staff to track their working hours using various online tools and maintain their productivity. This will help in creating a detailed report of their working hours.

Problem 4- Administrative Tasks Management

While the staff members work from home, administrative tasks management is one of the biggest challenges faced by the school. The tasks like new admissions, fee deposition, or receipt generation require face-to-face interaction with the students and parents.


To deal with this problem, the school management should create a single platform for the parents and students to take note of these tasks. The software can have different platforms such as the fee deposition or the admission which the staff members can also visit easily.

Problem 5- Proper Connection with Parents and Students Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the schools and academic institutions have started working online to track the student’s academic progress. And for the parents too, it is important to have a digital platform to connect with the teachers to know about their child’s performance. This is essential because almost all the schools and colleges are offering online classes to their students.


Schools and other academic institutions can go for various online platforms to set digital classrooms for their students. These online classes will help the teachers to give online assignments to the students or take online tests. The administrative department can also choose school management software to allow communication between teachers and students. Parents can even coordinate with the teachers regularly through this school management system. There are a lot of benefits while you opt for working remotely and doing work done from your home but due to technological advances working remotely has not been so easy. So, the staff members need to maintain their productivity and give their best and enjoy work from home.

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