Discussing the Emerging Trends in E-Learning

Today, we are living in Information and Communication Technology where online learning is playing a vital role in the development of an individual. Also, the concepts of School Management software and learning management systems seem to be new stars in the field. Education will always be a matter of concern for our country, as at present India is standing in 128th position in the whole world with a 74.4% literacy rate. Also today it is not possible to continue traditional learning as students are no more allowed to attend their classes physically. Moreover, when compared with online learning, traditional learning has many other drawbacks such as high cost, limited strengths in classrooms, limited concept learning, limited learning time. All these drawbacks can be countered easily with online learning. 

Emerging trends in E-Learning

Despite the crisis from which today the whole world is suffering, online education is growing at a very rapid pace. Now we are living in a world, where we can find a new trend each day to provide better education to learners. Below we will discuss few online learning trends:


Microlearning is termed as the process in which delivering educational content to learners is done in very small or say in very specific bursts. In this case, the learning is monitored carefully and typically designed in very rich media formats. Microlearning is a learner-centric approach that only provides in-time training which can be available on multiple devices.  

Cloud-based E-learning

Cloud-based learning is hosted on the internet where a service provider decides who can access their learning content. In this type of learning, rather than installing a bunch of software and courses on the computer, a learner can access those courses simply with the help of an internet browser and can easily communicate directly. Further development in this technology led us to online learning management systems, which also allow the learner to store information on the cloud that can be further accessed by other users also, with approval or not, it may depend on the learner.


In the era of online education, gamification is emerging as one of the vital concepts of Online Learning. In this type of online learning, games are used as a medium to deliver education. This method is working like a blessing in the education for the children belonging to small age groups because it creates interest in them which in turn helps them to concentrate on their studies for a much longer period.

Adaptive Learning

This type of learning requires only one teacher over one or two students where the teacher can adapt himself according to the student. Nowadays, with the help of artificial intelligence, the adaptive learning concept has been implemented on nearly every online learning resource, where the learning course adjusts itself according to the learner. However, many researchers conclude that implementing online learning with offline learning will serve as the best option provided that both work with organized effort.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality uses the concept of superimposing a computer-generated image over the learner’s view of the real world. With the help of augmented reality, a learner can acquire much more knowledge than that can be acquired by other means by analyzing the entire environment around the learner, this type of technology can act as an excellent instructor which in turn makes every student an expert in their field.  

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