Future of e-learning in India

The future of education in schools depends on the online sector or we can say e-learning. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in India, the education system has been on the back foot ever since.

Education in India is no longer just a teacher talking to a group of students in a walled classroom. The rapid increase in internet connectivity or availability over the most recent couple of years has been a significant catalyst for the development of e-Learning in India for Schools, India’s potential as a huge market for e-Learning is enormous.

Due to the ongoing lockdown, schools have been shut for months. So the teachers, students, and the management of schools have moved to the online method of teaching and have discovered the advantages it involves. This has made the move increasingly reasonable and sustainable and makes it digging for the long haul. Teachers have been compelled and forced to develop creative content for the current situation. What the schools don’t realize is that after this pandemic is over, and the functioning of schools returns to its earlier stage. The schools will have digital content which later can be used by the students as extra resource material. However, as the online internet learning aurora lights upon us, e-Learning has been practical because a bunch of students can gather from various parts of the country utilizing online modes.

Ed-tech unabridged the learning stages and experiences for students and teachers. the customary chalk talk strategy as made by the innovative tools and techniques by the establishment of ed-tech startups in the education sector. But the foundation of education is yet learning, reading, and writing. On the grounds of the traditional learnings, students will require a more extensive point of view and viable apparatus in their education.

Softwares like the Learning Management System (LMS)  is the future. LMS is a software tool for developing programs to educate students online. For schools, it is necessary that digitizing a ton off the administrator and academic activities most efficiently and effectively help in fostering technological advancement in the traditional work approach as school play a basic job under scholarly advancement in systematic and strategic framework shaping the future of a child and it helps in the growth of teachers as well as students and the management of the school which creates a peaceful working environment for school and leads to the growth, achieving and development of the school.

This is where ed-tech startups like Schoollog come into play. With its    AI-ML technology, it bridges gaps between students and teachers, making live interactive sessions possible and making it more personalized for each student, as each student possesses different skills, interests, and creativity levels. Schoollog’s LMS software system toolkit enables schools to channelize their educational Material Into digital platforms.

Schoollog is a one-stop solution for your schools with its web and apps-based school management systems.

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