How can Schools ensure learning in the time of crisis?

The whole world is getting affected or we can even say it’s in a state of chaos, because of a virus outbreak that happened in China a few months back. Since then it has spread all over the world and affected thousands along with it. Every domain is being affected by this outbreak of the virus, it might even lead to a total lockdown of the whole world, but still, the world needs to function and that too properly until we know how to fight the disease, let alone stop it. For the world to run smoothly, everything needs to work in a proper balance as it was working earlier, but at a time like this, even if the basic necessities are met, we can still fight through these troubling times.

Many businesses that are affected due to coronavirus include technology, education, software, telecom and many more. Now people can’t do much regarding their loss in these businesses except to let the storm pass because if people don’t go out most of the economy is bound to go down and when they are scared there is hardly any room left for them to do anything extra. But still, there are some areas that people can switch to, to make the best out of the current situation.

Let’s take the education sector for this matter, students can’t go out to coachings, tuition centres or even schools for that matter. As all these institutions are to be closed until further notice. Both the parties are at loss here, students can’t get a proper education while staying at home, and for schools, neither it is good for their business nor for the education of the child. But no matter the circumstances a child’s education is necessary.

And how can we do that? Let’s take an economic approach to this matter, while the markets related to the education sector are down, media and digital markets are going up rapidly. 

And we can easily relate and take the education sector to a more digital approach that is an online learning management system for the students to learn at home. And there is online school management software to help schools manage their functions efficiently. 

According to a report from UNESCO, 421 million students will be affected in over 39 countries.

This has led millions of students into homeschooling and depend on an online learning management system. Some might even consider this as an opportunity to take the K-12 education industry online as it was long overdue anyway. The remaining growth areas that are left in the education industry will be driven by the 4E’s – Ed Tech, Edu Content, E-learning and Entrepreneurship. The traditional systems required a lot of infrastructures, human resource and capital to sustain. But this online school management system and an online learning management system could bridge the gap between student and learning as this situation has created. 

Out of multiple school management systems and learning management systems, Schoollog powered by Techtalisman Engineering offers the complete solution. Everything a student requires for a safe and quality education:

1.Recorded Video Lectures: Teachers can record videos through their mobile phones and upload them on the platform, for those who like to study at their own pace.

2. Live Online Classes: Can be conducted to provide classes in the time of crisis.

3. Test Series: State of the art test series with analysis to give every student an upper edge. It can even help you to understand your position among your peers and figure out the areas you need improvement in.

4. Assignments/Quiz: Assignments can be sent online as well, students can upload the answer and the teachers can correct them.

5. Automatic Paper Creation: This is a highly effective way for schools to prepare students for exams. As the name suggests, it generates a question on the values set by the examiner like difficulty level and the percentage of topics to be covered. So this provides students with a huge amount of practice for every topic individually as well.

Along with the benefits offered in an online school management system you obviously need a strategy to follow and push yourself beyond the limits:

1. Make a Plan: Making a plan is just as important as studying any particular topic, figure out the areas you are weak at and you need to work upon and the areas that you are strong at which only requires refining. Both the things will take you a long way in preparing you for your goal.

2. Arrange Study material: After making a plan you need to gather up the study material that will help you in preparing for the exam. Along with the study material provided in the Schoollog application, there are many online reference points given for your further studies.

3. Stick to Schedule: Staying true towards your devised plan is just as important as any other process in reaching your goal. The trick for keeping to your schedule is simple, set small achievable goals and then try to make bigger goals once the small ones become easy for you to complete. This will give you the satisfaction of completing a task and prepare you for a new one.  

4. Track your moves: Keeping track is also important as you create a plan, in the beginning, you realize there is room for improvement in that and you need to make some changes. As the exam date approaches you to need to be certain that everything you thought about completing in the time frame is being completed and there is still time left for revision as well.  

5. Stay connected with your Peers: Stay in touch with your peers and stay updated as your peers are a valuable source of information and try to understand their thinking in accordance to how and what to study and make changes accordingly.

6. Take up a hobby: After all this planning and studying you are bound to be exhausted which is a totally natural response to the hard work that you are doing. So, in order to keep returning to the plan, you need to sit back and unwind and soak up all the information you have gathered. Taking up a small hobby will go a long way with your preparation, an exhilarating hobby or anything that puts you in a good mood will prove to be highly effective.

To conclude, as the coronavirus isolates people to stay at home there are certain things that can still help us out of the rut and take charge again. And as we already know stay home, stay safe. Wash your hands regularly and maintain a safe distance. Until next time #safe learning.

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