How Covid-19 changed online education forever and how entire Schoollog team worked round the clock to deliver LMS in record time?

Learning Management System

Learning Management System

The date was 7 March 2020, Italy was on its knees, the entire country was under lockdown. By then India had also started to see cases of Covid-19. We sensed that India was headed towards a lockdown. This would severely affect student’s learning, especially at such a crucial time when all schools’ final exams and competitive exams like JEE, NEET are held. Thus, we felt we needed to fill the gap and deliver learning solutions to schools, teachers and students. We assembled our tech team at night and briefed them about the situation at hand. We were already working on Learning Management System from 9 months straight and as per our plans, it was scheduled to launch in July 2020, which is the beginning of the sales pipelining cycle in our industry. We decided to up the game and have the LMS ready for schools by 1st April i.e. when they start their new session. The entire tech team was directed towards completing our LMS and slow down their other ERP work. It was not that easy as March is one of the busiest months for us, since having 1000+ schools across India with their innovative method of teaching, we had to create 250+ report cards, along with the development of LMS.

I am proud to share that our tech team has worked round the clock to deliver the solution on time, along with catering to schools with their custom solutions in ERP. Support and Operations team have been trained for LMS, all marketing material, brochures got prepared within record time. We were a bit sceptical at first, that how will we coordinate all this due to all teams Working From Home. But we are amazed to see their spirit and enthusiasm and making this a reality. Each support ticket is being handled just like it was done earlier, everything seems to work so fine that it proves that whenever we put our minds to a well-defined plan, which we believe in unequivocally, we make can surely make progress against many odds.

As of 27th March, we have 300+ enquiries of progressive schools with us, who plan to go ahead with LMS. Students can learn through recorded video lectures, take assignments, participate in the quiz, solve doubts that may appear during this process, just like it was done in classrooms. Adaptive learning powered by AI-ML ensures that each student is provided with personalised learning.

Still, I see people writing off this pandemic and think that everything will be all right by mid-April, but looking at other countries who have been through the Covid-19 cycle, we think it will take at least 8 weeks for things to start getting normal, and perhaps a few weeks more after that for things to go back to the way there were a few months back.

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