How Online Education aids Distance learning

Ever since educational institutions added distance learning as an alternative option of learning in their inventory, students and learners recognized it as an awesome opportunity for learning. Many students are not able to leave their family alone or had any other issue due to which they were not able to complete their education. But from home, they saw it as a legion of hope. Thus distance learning had almost started another revolution in education until the negative side of distance learning got revealed.

There will always be a lot of difference between a student who learned through regular classes and the one who learned on his own. The student who was in contact with the teacher and attended classes physically will always learn better than one who remained far from the school.  

Further, everything went fine until the learners learning from distance education faced inequalities in their careers. Students with traditional education were given priority over distance learners. Thus, distance learning sooner appeared as a viable option for only those students who found themselves unfortunate for not being able to take traditional education. However, everything remained a matter of concern until online learning came into existence. Online learning came up as the backbone of distance learning and students who choose distance learning over traditional learning got more advantages over the students who chose traditional learning.

In the case of online learning, learners saw no disadvantage or negative side of it. Further, online learning aided distance learning in such a way that it outplayed old traditional learning in every manner. Here, we can say that distance learning became a part of online learning. Moreover, in some cases distance learning and online learning appeared to be similar. Below we discuss how online learning changed the scope of distance learning. 

Online learning added some key benefits to distance learning and entirely reworked its old traditional approach. 

Ease of access

Now it was possible to learn from anywhere, in the same way as students learn by following traditional learning methods. Hence, freedom of access helped online learners to save time, which could have been wasted in getting back and forth. Thus, online learners invested this time in their studies. 

Similarly, online learners have the privilege of learning whatever they want at whenever time as per their priorities of different subjects and time which would be most suitable for them.

Before online learning, one of the major issues in distance learning was that students didn’t have any classmates with whom they could share their doubts and have discussions. But, as online learning fueled it with the internet, learners now have the whole world as their classmates. 

Today, there are limitless learning opportunities. As it is said that, “If there’s hope, there’s a way”. But, still from those two learning approaches, one can’t be best alone for learners. Hence, for now, blended learning was considered the only best option so far.

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