How Online Learning Can Reduce the Cost of Higher Education

In the past, much of the education research was based on inspecting the classrooms as a context for learning and explaining the learning methodologies occurring in the classroom that helps students. Nowadays we can see several ongoing research processes to study the factors which affect the learning capability of the students and factors which play a role in enhancing the learning capability of the students. Despite this progress, Online Education has been highlighted as a need for further action in several important areas

Now as per the current situation, their unemployment everywhere, almost all the educational institutes have been closed, today it seems impossible for students to attend their classrooms physically. Governments have imposed restrictions on educational institutions to stop the community spread of COVID-19. This major step is taken successfully to stop the community spread in a good manner, however, it also formed a huge gap between schools and students. Thus the only ray of hope to bridge this gap seems to be the school management software and learning management system. Further, this time was considered as the most optimal time to welcome online learning as the future of education. 

Online learning should replace traditional learning in the future anyway but the current situation played the role of a catalyst and only provided a bit more speed to this process. We must adapt to new changes to survive, otherwise, ancient evidence found on digging the earth describes well what happens with them to refuse to adopt new changes by nature. Also waiting for things to return to normal condition again will not be a good solution, as nature hates idleness, it destroys everything that goes idle and gives a hand to those who keep growing continuously.

After it was concluded that to continue the education one must go with online learning. If we talk about the advantages of online education over traditional learning, the list may never end. Further, as online learning started to encircle the world one of the important discussions aroused was whether online learning can reduce the cost of higher education or not. However, it will not be worth discussing whether or not, online education will reduce the cost of higher education, as we know it will reduce the cost. Hence, below we are going to discuss up to what aspect, online learning can reduce the cost of higher education.

Firstly, choosing an online course is much cheaper than choosing the same one in any university and attending the class physically. Also nowadays, Ivy League universities are offering thousands of their courses online at discounted rates. Only because of online education, it is now possible for many aspiring students to get a verified and valid certificate from these universities, which was the mere dream for millions of students before online education. Further, online education allows its followers ease of access, now it is possible to learn from anywhere at any time. Students were now not bound to any time-tables anymore. 

As it is suggested by Millenials, “time is money”, Online learning teaches all of its followers one of the most crucial lessons which is known as Time management. Online learners practice this habit of time management whenever they study that course and keep monitoring how much time is left and how much they have completed and thus they realize the value of every single second they spend. 

Further, how amazing it becomes when you realize that the whole world is your classmate and you can have discussions and also work with them. Online learning is getting better each day, every single day one can find and read about a few new technologies that are enhancing online learning each day. The Internet is approaching rural areas too and carrying with it a blessing to fulfill hopes, dreams, and aspirations to many learners who are not so fortunate to complete their education after reaching higher classes. 

In conclusion, we can say that day-by-day in every manner online learning is reforming the education system to provide a few more benefits to the learners. Although, before enrolling in an online learning course, the learner should feel it necessary to do due diligence. Otherwise, they may be confused later and surely fall behind. These courses are best suited for self-driven students with a high motivation to learn. Further, researchers proved that not the old offline traditional learning nor the highly advanced online learning, but only blended learning will have the last laugh, where traditional learning will coexist with online learning.    

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