Is WhatsApp the collaborative tool that your school ever needed?

Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management System (LMS)

Whatsapp is now an integral part of everyone’s life, it is difficult to imagine life without it, as it is a really good product and most of the people around the globe use it because of the several features it provides like audio and video calls, messaging, group creation, broadcast list and many more.

The features they are providing are no doubt very good but to use it in every aspect of our lives might be overdoing it for example if we talk about education. Now in the time of this crisis people are thinking that when it comes to online education there is a lot more than just sending images, videos and pdf to teach children, there needs to be healthy communication between teachers and children. Surely Whatsapp is a great application to share your multimedia files easily but to do that Especially for children, at this tender age, children are more likely to be distracted by other content available. So it’s just keeping the entertainment part away from the learning part and not mixing everything up. Anyway, how can a simple communication application be used as an online learning management system whereas an online LMS provides a platform for students and teachers both where students can share their views in the form of doubts, get their assignments checked by the teachers and moreover online tests and quizzes can be conducted through the application as well and system provides a detailed analysis of their test and help children learn from his mistakes and grow even more. Along with limited functionality in Whatsapp there are other drawbacks as well like the teacher’s personal number will be visible to every student and they might disturb teachers in their personal time and if we allow students to message in any particular group they might flood the group with junk messages and unrelated files, and if we don’t students to message then there can be no active communication between teachers and students. So the students won’t be able to clear their doubts as they can on the learning application which is fully controlled by the teachers and the school staff. Moreover, it can be fully monitored by the Principal of the schools to ensure effective learning.

To conclude learning and teaching are important aspects of our lives, let’s keep it in an environment where it belongs. Schoollog provides a complete solution for everything a student might need to learn and the school needs to teach.

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