Online Education and its Role in Corporate Learning

Today, we are living in an era of innovation where online learning has already established itself as in a prominent position of corporate life. Now every business is focusing on implementing different types of methods to recruit a very high-quality, productive, and motivated team. Here we will discuss how it works and how efficient it is in today’s world?

Online learning is a new wave that incorporates education and it is mostly working on the 70/20/10 rule. Now, most of the companies are using online learning to evaluate skills and knowledge up to changing a specialization and then creating new groups. Now those old methods are not as efficient as they were before, what methods should educate employees better? We are going to discuss it in more detail below.

70/20/10 Rule

According to this rule, the model for development and learning should be based on 70% of the work experience, 20% of this was gathered from collaboration with other people and formal education was the only 10% part of it. This rule was developed by a group of researchers working at the center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro. Further, on research they found that the development of employees through traditional learning and educational events was only 10% and 20% of knowledge acquired by productive workers was from oral learning, social learning, mentoring, and other activities. In the end, the practice was found to be the most efficient method.

Online Learning based on practice modeling

For the employees, the primary source of learning was entirely based upon the experience gained while completing tasks, collaborating with bosses and a few other activities. One of the major skills required was decision making, provided that the chances are very low that it can be gained through traditional learning. The fastest way to learn something is to do it by yourself and conducting research is also a better option to educate yourself in the corporate world. Nowadays, online-offline interactive systems are created to provide employees with more beneficial real work experience. Hence, online learning is chosen as an efficient way by the corporates to train their staff and improve productivity. Further, this can be a big reason why large enterprises have the most effective workers from all around the country.

Open Source  

Online learning courses are available not just as open sources but one can access them in a corporate life also. For example, many courses show us to track our progress and which can be tracked by a system too, which further have additional benefits, such as mentioning a few online learning courses during the interview shows that you are not just only a well-organized person but you are also a motivated potential worker. Nowadays, many companies are also advising to use online learning before you feel like applying for an interview in their company. These courses provide several benefits that may not be gained by traditional learning, such as self-development, decision-making capacity, self-confidence, etc.

Personalized learning applications

Online learning allows the learner to choose their path on how they are willing to take the course. By choosing their path, the learning process can be not only optimized but also fastens. It allows users more flexible learning hours and ease of access, as learners can learn from anywhere now he no longer depends on the workplace. One of the major skills that the learner acquires by using online learning is time management, which serves as a good foundation for a learner in his career.

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