Online Learning: A 21st Century Approach to Education

Back in the days, online education was considered as the secondary option to grant education. Also at that time, it was not for everyone, since learners who can afford good internet and high-end devices, were only those who were enjoying the benefits of learning online. But nowadays, as per the current scenario, online learning is the only viable option for anyone who wants to continue studies. Nowadays, good internet services are available in any area at such an affordable price that any student who can go to school, can study online with ease. 

Covid-19 pandemic has led almost every state of our country to shut down schools. Even many of them are shut down for the rest of the academic year. This led to a major disruption in the education system. According to The Print, almost 320 million students are being impacted due to this pandemic in India alone. Today we are living in a world that is growing faster than ever, and hence, it would not be viable to wait until things go normal. Here we need to follow the twenty-first approach to continue our education in the twenty-first century.

The online education approach means a well planned step-by-step process in which schools are set up in such a way, where all students can learn subjects whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want and similarly, their teachers can also teach from wherever they want, whatever they want, whenever they want. Further, the whole school will get managed online and students will soon be familiar with online examinations. However, a good online learning management system will be required to manage to learn. Hence, all these needs gave birth to different LMSs (Learning Management Systems). 

Learning Management System is a software that is designed to serve as a stable platform, on which a school can interact with its students. Learning Management systems are entirely based on clouds. This software provides massive amounts of online storage space to schools and students. Thus, schools can impart limitless learning resources to their students. Further, it ensures that students who have a hard time in note-making can now get it done in a click. Students and teachers no more forget any study material at home now. Time management is one of the key features of these LMSs, as it is said, “What gets measured, gets managed”, by Peter F. Drucker, in the book, “Managing For The Future”. Hence, everything gets managed easily with minimum effort. 

Today, these Learning Management Systems are so well developed that they are using Artificial Intelligence to implement adaptive learning on their own, thus completely outperforming traditional approaches in every manner. In adaptive learning, a teacher adapts himself according to the student, and teaching is done by examining the learning capabilities of students.

Last but not least, these learning management systems don’t end up providing excellent online learning management facilities but also helps in saving a huge amount of money in various expenses, which further a school can spend on learnings of the student.

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