Profitable Uses of Online Education in Government Departments

Today in the middle of the era of innovation, online learning is ready to establish itself in a prominent place in the government departments. As per the current situation, which only served as an activator in this process. Now if we compare our country with the whole world, India stands in the 128th position with a 74.4% literacy rate. Hence, the government also wants to implement various methods to acquire high-quality and productive teams.

Today, online learning is serving as a new wave of innovation in all government departments. Most of the government departments always provided a lot more facilities to educate their potential and current employees. However, the old traditional ways of educating the employees seem outdated in today’s way more fast-paced competition world. According to a study, only 10% percent of the learning was gained through traditional learning and other educational events. 20% of the knowledge acquired by the workers was from oral learning, social learning, mentoring, etc. The practice was concluded as the most efficient source of acquiring knowledge. 

Further, it can be said that one of the primary sources of learning was based on work experience gained by employees while proceeding with tasks and analyzing different situations, as working something on our own is the fastest way to learn. One more thing which needs to be highlighted was that decision-making skills can be barely gained from formal education. Hence, online and offline interactive systems were created to simulate the workload and provide a better work experience. Therefore, the government has also concluded that online learning is a more efficient method to train their employees and increase productivity. 

Further, to ensure that all the employees working in the government departments should be well aware of all the trends, the government now has chosen online learning as an essential part of its training programs. Nowadays, every single government department is providing opportunities to its employees to participate in an online training or online learning program to brush up their skills or change their specialization. 

Learning is termed as a lifelong process, however, old traditional learning schemes appear to be very outdated, and they might appear irrelevant in some chosen fields if one tries to implement them. The current situation has outplayed the old traditional education system in nearly all aspects, as the government itself has applied restrictions on all educational institutes to provide education to students physically attending the classrooms. Hence, moving toward online learning at this time is best to minimize the gap between schools and students. 

Our government has made it compulsory to complete a few specific online programs to achieve a specific degree. This step was considered as one of the major steps taken by the government to show that online learning should be accepted by every student. Moreover, many universities from all over the country are applying this philosophy to provide better skills to their students.    

Mentioning a few online learning courses during the interview shows that you are not just only a well-organized person but you are also a motivated potential worker. Thus, online learning has now termed the future of education and we all should accept it as a new opportunity to reform our education system.    

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