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The world has evolved so much in the past few years. With time everything around us has changed and evolved into the superior adaptation of itself and this advancement has carried us into the smart era.

The era of digitalization and automation which has smart cities, smart houses, smart appliances, smart devices, and most importantly smart schools.

In today’s time almost everything has become or becoming smart but what is this ‘SMART’?

The term ‘smart’ here is referring to ‘smart-tech‘ and this technology has been called smart because they can do all the smart things that a human can and in reality considerably more proficiently. It provides the exact amount of information right when you need it and can present it in a more useful manner.

  • Smart devices can sense the environment through sensors and adapt and modify behavior to fit it.
  • Provide a highly interactive user interface.
  • Capable of analyzing and learning through the user experience to improve performance, envision, think and reason what to do next, with the capacity to self-creation.

Now how on earth a school can become smart?

As the name suggests Smart schools are much smarter than the traditional school systems and fulfills the needs of a student to achieve smart generation education goals.

These schools with smart classes are equipped with the advanced technology such as high tech projector, digital boards, tablets, UHF reader, learning management solutions, etc. to provide the students with a more engaging and interactive learning experience which helps them to excel in every field and make them future ready.

Key benefits of smart classes:

  • Give students the experience of interaction with technology in their learning period.
  • Shifts boring lectures to fun learning sessions with the help of beautiful visual and sound effects of projectors and speakers.
  • Studying content is easily available to the student with phones and tabs.
  • High transparency among teachers, parents, and students with tools like digital attendance tracker, digital assignment diary, etc.
  • Bridge gaps from classroom to real-life experience by explaining concepts that are better taught through demonstrations rather than lectures.

Undoubtedly the traditional education system has taught all of us and all that we have achieved so far, only this system has been contributing and has done its job very well, but the question is that what if it can be made better and much more efficient?

There are several ways to turn a traditional school into a smart school. Some of which is the deployment of smart solutions like ERP, LMS, online attendance tracking, security management, etc.

Let’s just have a look at these solutions:

  • ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning): An ERP solution one like Schoollog, assists the school with the management practices and in carrying out the academic and administrative activities in the most efficient and effective manner with the help of gadgets like laptops, tablets, and phones.

Major benefits of ERP :

  • Complete automation of school processes.
  • Saves A LOT of time.
  • Active parent-school communication for better growth of children.
  • Bring transparency in school processes
  • Track of every academic activity helping in improving current work pattern.
  • Data security by digitally centralized storage.
  • Access to information at anytime, anywhere.
  • Easy information flow within the institute.
  • Increases efficiency of the management as a whole.
  • LMS(Learning Management System): Having dreamsṭ and aspirations of joining esteemed institutions in India and for that to fight through the present competition, coaching institutes have become successful businesses, no doubt, but the essence is lost. Every child has had a different environment all his growing years, different exposure, hence different learning curves. But what is being offered in most of the coaching institutes is the same for everyone without taking into consideration the other important factors. Only the child suffers. No wonder it has created so much of chaos in their lives and many of them, not being able to maintain the balance between school & coaching, are struggling simply to exist in the system.

In such a scenario, an LMS is of dire need.

An LMS is a tool which delivers educational courses with every type of content, as per child’s learning curve, including documents, images, videos, audios to students over smart devices. It also allows the teacher to manage the course (creation, assignment, evaluation) effectively and that too in school. A child does not have to go to a coaching center anymore.

Some other functionalities that LMS provides,

  • Student’s learning curve evaluation.
  • Auto assignments, quizzes, tests and help as per one’s potential.
  • Easy data accessibility for teachers and students
  • The teacher can organize tests digitally.
  • Tracking and evaluation.
  • Online group discussions and doubt solving sessions with the teacher.
  • Easy analysis of students performance through analytics and AI.
  • Visitor Management System: Child security is the prime concern for both, parents & schools.

It is seen that almost every other school is opting for camera installments and E-attendance. But when it comes to managing the visitors, keeping an eye on everyone who visits school campus is almost impossible and the traditional paper visitor log books are simply useless. If anyone is coming with any wrong or notorious intention, it is but obvious that one will not provide its original details and there is no way to verify that.  

However, there are advanced management systems like Schoollog Visitor management.

  • Uses visitor entry pass that contains visitor’s complete details along with his picture.
  • Number authentication through OTP.
  • Instant notifications to the concerned person about the arrival of their visitors.
  • Maintains and stores an updated list of visitors on the school premises.
  • Transport Management: Thanks to the technology that now parents and the school can breathe in peace with school transport management system which promises the complete safety of their students on their commute.

The parents and the school can track the school vehicle, driver and students in the real-time location simply on their mobile phones. Instant SMS or in-app alerts are sent to parents on boarding and alighting of the students.

In addition, it maintains transport expenses like vehicle fuel management, transport fee management, drivers payroll and generates comprehensive reports.

  • Smart marketing for schools: Considering how addictive mobile devices have become for most of the population, a school can take advantage of App Branding and websites to make their parents engage more with the school. This anytime, anywhere engagement can positively affect the parents’ behavior towards the school. And a happy parent is the best marketing tool. A parent associated with the school telling other parents about the benefits a parent is enjoying is the most effective way to market any school. An interested parent will always believe parent’s review whose children are enrolled in the same school.

Having a branded app with the school name can give an extra edge to the school’s marketing and advertising.

So, become wise yourself and make your school a “smart school”.

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