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A wise man once said that “if you want to be successful, make sure you never stop learning”. And this statement holds as many successful people (students) credit their success to their inspiring and hardworking teachers.

Teachers Day 2022

But over the years the education space has changed a lot and so have the lives and teaching methods of our beloved teachers. We say this because after the covid-19 pandemic the entire education system took a deep dive and to bring it back to its feet it was up to the teachers.


And it’s thanks to their (teacher’s) learning spirit which they share with their students they quickly adapted themselves to the new normal and changed things for the better.


As Teacher’s day is around the corner we have decided to write this article as a tribute to the unsung heroes of our nation’s growth.


Here we will talk about how technology has impacted their lives and ways of teaching. So without much ado let’s start.


Technology has been a part of education for a very long time but it was due to the covid-19 pandemic we have seen such a drastic involvement of tech in education. And it has impacted the ways in several ways.


  • Learning on the go

With the rise of technology in the education space, students can now learn anywhere anytime. All they have to do is log in to our Schoollog app and start learning and growing. And as for teachers, they can upload their lectures from their admin login and share their knowledge.


  • One stop solution

Technology not only made education easy but also brought different levels like parents, teachers, and higher authority to the same level. With our app, teachers get a dedicated portal from where they can manage their work easily. They can use it to mark attendance, assign tasks, even schedule exams, and share student results.


  • Flexible schedule

Gone are the days when we had to wake up at 5 am to go to school because now students and teachers alike can choose their schedules. Teachers can upload their class videos online so that students can access them 24*7.


  • All round management

Not only has technology made the education part easy but also the overall management of the entire system. With our app, you can keep track of all your school activities from teachers’ payments to their attendance. Not only this you can keep track of all other miscellaneous activities with our dedicated admin app.


Apart from this, technology has brought several other benefits to the education field. It is thanks to this technology both students and teachers can easily do their jobs and bring the nation forward.


But more than the students or technology it’s thanks to our teachers who quickly adapted to this new technology. And to make their transition from the offline to the online world we at Schoollog aim to provide a platform that they (both teachers and students) can easily navigate and continue their learning.


We thank all the teachers out there for shaping the future despite numerous odds. And last but not least we wish all our beloved teachers a very Happy Teachers Day.

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