The virus could be here for a year, so schools must reopen

Around a month ago, the Delhi chief minister gave a statement saying, “We have to live with the virus.”;

At that time many people criticized this statement and did not support this harsh step, but today it has become the most viable option to fight the virus. According to recent reports and statements from WHO clearly states that this virus may be with us forever and in the best case scenario at least for a year. Many researchers and scientists are trying to find a cure. Several medicines were also tested but none has been successful to date. The cure for this virus is surely going to take a long time but does that mean that lockdown should continue till then? 

If we start breaking up the consequences of the breakdown regarding various aspects such as financially, socially, etc., we get to know that an extended lockdown is not possible now. So does this mean that we have to live with the virus? Yes, it does mean that it’s high time that we take the responsibility of not our own lives but also of the people around us. We have to resume our work, studies and do our duties diligently. We have to live with the virus but with the utmost precautions and care. Social distancing and personal hygiene are the most important aspects of this normality. So, should schools also open? Are the kids this much responsible or can they be made this much responsible? Are the schools safe and do they have sufficient facilities to ensure a safe environment? Yes, these are some obvious questions and need to be addressed. 

Schools form the foundation of our education industry and can’t be kept closed for a long time. Although students can’t be made entirely responsible for their well-being, they can be taught as to how to take care of various precautionary steps such as proper distancing and washing hands at regular intervals. Moreover, schools need to change their methodology a bit. They need to run in shifts and apply a flipped classroom model wherein school will open for two or three days in a week and for the rest of the days, teaching can continue through online modes using learning management software. This flipped classroom model will not only ensure the smooth functioning of schooling of a child but also ensure the well being of the students. It also makes us familiar with the technology which is necessary for the citizens of a developing nation these days. We need to step up now and start living with the virus not by getting infected by protecting ourselves as well as people around us from getting infected.

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