Why 2020 will be online education’s biggest year

2020 was the start of a whole new era for online education. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, online learning options were booming. Now that all schools went online from march so the new Learning Management System models got a push required for it to boom. More students may now consider taking online classes now that they are forced to learn online. With the ongoing schooling scenario, educational institutions are scrambling to offer e-learning tools.

Today, every learner is sitting at home but utilizing their time enrolling in various online classes, Just like the corporate world shifted to work from home to thrive in this pandemic. This enormous enrollment to e-learning tools is leading to the growth of online education. 

Leaving behind the notion of conventional classrooms that is, to be physically present in the classrooms to learn, students can learn through various digital devices ranging from smartphones, tablets, laptops, digital textbooks, etc. Focusing on the creative fun intended audio-visual tools to engage students and make them retain more, which is giving a hike to the online learning platforms or Learning Management Systems and is going to change how students learn and how teachers teach.

With the systematic and functional adaptation of the online learning tools, evaluating alternatives, and decisions made by the institutional authorities to avoid further delay in conventional teaching for the same. 

Online methods of learning are best suited for everyone. From students in kindergarten learning remotely, like how to recite poems and numbers to higher school students completing their schooling to the college-going students. Distance learning provides a list of options to choose which can be a degree, diploma, or flagship course, and the most important advantage for learners is that they can complete online certification courses from anywhere, anytime.

 Education Reforms:- Virtual Classrooms, E-learning

  • Flexibility – students have the freedom to learn at their own pace, and you can learn whatever you want.
  • The comfort of your home – no dress code phew, PJs would work, no hectic schedule to be followed, and of course, no back pain from sitting straight 8 hours on a chair, couch, or bed would work.
  • Teaching the teachers – the daunting task is to discipline 40 students through video conferencing! Teachers have options through a variety of tools to manage and adapt themselves to the new environment and understanding the importance of education and staying committed. 
  • Infrastructure – There are few requisites for teaching online and learning online. Bandwidth, a good internet connection, DSLR, or mobile phone with high-quality camera resolutions, pen tabs, different types of boards for teachers, and new tools, etc.

The shift to online learning was the need of the hour, teachers and students both were compelled to go online. But this is compelling and has changed, the education scenario throughout the nation, and educational institutions had a lot to learn to thrive with technological advancements. And this is the opportunity to go hand in hand with technology,

Online education is going to be the key face of future education in India.

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