The ultimate aim of the School Education faculty is to assist students so they can learn and grasp the concepts and enhance their skills. To track and decide every student's knowledge level, examinations are organized from time to time. Owing to the present state of affairs, faculties are utilizing e-Learning software to carry out teaching-learning... Continue Reading →

Did coronavirus open The Doors For Online Education In India?

The time couldn't be any better for the launch of online education in India on a massive scale. Earlier, the schools in India focused on traditional academic skills and on the traditional whiteboard approach to deal with education and retaining knowledge, rather than on skills such as critical thinking and adaptability, which will be more... Continue Reading →

Will online education work in India?

 The coronavirus pandemic came unannounced to shake millions of school-going students across the country, which led to the closures of all the schools in the nation, leaving millions of teachers, administrators, and students at the mercy of online learning. The time could not have been better for the launch of online education in India on... Continue Reading →

The virus could be here for a year, so schools must reopen

Around a month ago, the Delhi chief minister gave a statement saying, "We have to live with the virus."; At that time many people criticized this statement and did not support this harsh step, but today it has become the most viable option to fight the virus. According to recent reports and statements from WHO... Continue Reading →

E-learning is now the new normal that we must embrace and ensure it works

The novel coronavirus took the world by surprise. Even the superpower nations were not ready for such a disaster. The economy of a country like the U.S. also took a hit. Everything from offices to schools had shut down. At the start, even the grocery shops, ration shops, and other essential item shops had to... Continue Reading →

Exploring Gamification as a Teaching Tool in Online Education

Nowadays, the availability of good internet facilities at lower costs has opened the door to extend many new innovative computer-mediated methods in the field of online education. Gamification is one of the latest methodologies adopted in online learning. It is simply using the game elements such as points, badges, leaderboards, etc. to enhance and make... Continue Reading →

Busting the Myths Associated with Online Education.

Today, Online Education seems to be the only source of education and every learner is quite satisfied with it. However, there are still some myths about online education, which if observed closely are nothing but a mere false belief. However, today when we envision going to school, we picture the traditional classroom environment with a... Continue Reading →

How Online Education aids Distance learning

Ever since educational institutions added distance learning as an alternative option of learning in their inventory, students and learners recognized it as an awesome opportunity for learning. Many students are not able to leave their family alone or had any other issue due to which they were not able to complete their education. But from... Continue Reading →

Online Learning: A 21st Century Approach to Education

Back in the days, online education was considered as the secondary option to grant education. Also at that time, it was not for everyone, since learners who can afford good internet and high-end devices, were only those who were enjoying the benefits of learning online. But nowadays, as per the current scenario, online learning is... Continue Reading →

How Online Education Aids Professional Development

Back in the days, there was a time when online learning remained an alternative option for the students who couldn’t traditionally attend classes. Today, online learning seems to be the most viable option for learners to continue their learning.  Today, a Giant high-speed internet web has been cast over the globe. This high-speed internet has... Continue Reading →

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